Google has Flipped Out! A lonely EFL Teachers lifeline…

I remember “years” ago when I got out of teacher’s college and first began teaching overseas in the Czech Rep. There was no internet back then (92) nor satellite TV or even English TV. And only once a week did one copy of the European (do you remember that wonderful creation of the eccentric Robert Maxwell? I adored it.) arrive at the downtown “tabac”. If I was one minute late, I’d be out a whole weeks worth of delicious reading! Never mind the weeks when it didn’t arrive or something happened! As one of the few English souls in that city, that newspaper was my lifeline to the rest of the world and a means of keeping sane.

I still maintain the newspaper habit and the news habit. I’m like Hegel saying “I can’t wait to get up and read what’s new in the world each day!” However, despite my technological prowess I can’t can’t can’t stand reading online. Until now!!!!!

Google released yesterday FAST FLIP. And I’m flipping out with gladness. All other teachers living in lonely corners of the world, should also see flipping out merrily. It is incredible and finally a company “gets it” . They’ve in many ways recreated the magazine flipping reading experience. You can easily flip through major magazines. They’ve kept it very simple – no zooming or hyper linking. Just the facts mam, like the paper version. Read a full review here.

It’s marvelous and give it a go! I also recommend WATCHING AMERICA for translated articles from other foreign news agencies. Unique viewpoints.

Also, any lonely English teacher working abroad should get LIVE STATION. It is a great TV server that is free with many news channels. It really is a god send for me. Just a quick sign up and download and you’ll have lots of news viewing to help you keep intouch with the wider world!

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