Someone once quipped that genius was “seeing the obvious”. Or as William James added, “the ability to overlook the irrelevant”. Well, by that criteria, I think I’m up there with Einstein and Hawkings because not a day goes by without me being astounded by the power of the written word.

I am reminded of it and think of it continually. Looking at the signs I automatically obey as I walk down the street. While reading a memo or watching the computer screen. How do I become these words I read? What magic!

Reading isn’t easy. Yet, we miraculously acquire that capacity and use it for enormous benefit. The wealth and magnificence of our times owes most of its debt to this great “learned” skill. We learn it with our parents and teachers and in doing so , somehow share a deep, deep bond. Almost , if I may say the word, “sacred” and “holy” bond. The door to some of the answers we as humans are oblivious to – is inched open a crack. We see some light beyond.

This documentary below, really tells it much better than I ever can. It tells of a project to connect incarcerated women with their children on the outside through reading. It also highlights those “good” people that make “great” things happen. I won’t drone on anymore, just watch and really see what the magic of reading is about….. Amazing and inspiring ……

Part 1

Part 2

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