Using Voicethread with your textbook

One of the hardest parts of being an EFL student is not getting enough opportunity to speak. In class, there are usually too few opportunities for really spontaneous and “real” production/output. Voicethread is a tool that offers this in abundance. Read all our blog posts about Voicethread HERE.

I’ve spent the last few hours on this quiet , rainy Sunday, going through our voicethreads here on EFL Classroom 2.0. Wow! So many thousands of visitors from around the world using them to speak English, practice English. So in this spirit, I’d like to share a very easy method to combine your textbook and voicethread.

It’s simple. Simply scan or take a picture with your digital camera – one page or item from your textbook’s lesson/chapter. Upload to Voicethread and invite your students. Learn more about voicethread on my tutorial page HERE.(scroll down). Download this handy tutorial also.

Students simply visit and then speak about the picture. Or read the text, complete the exercise. This is very helpful because it repeats the lesson content/objectives. Further, it allows the student to repeat, relisten, share. It also gives them a very secure environment (at home with a headset maybe?) to speak English and lowers the affective filter a lot.
Try it – it will benefit your students! Here’s an example I made using the Middle and High School textbooks here in Korea. (YES, your students can use this one too!)

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