My top 10 sites for Language teaching/learning – 2009

Jane Hart, bless her heart, runs a nice collection of THE TOP 10 TOOLS LISTS OF LEARNING PROFESSIONS. Check them out and lots of diverse entries. Here’s her own top 25.

I’m too late to participate but find my list for last year HERE. Here is my list for this year. The major thread/theme that runs through all these is SIMPLICITY. No fuss and no muss.

My Top Ten Tools for Language Learning/Teaching.

#1 English Central.
This ousts Voicethread this year. It is an amazingly independent learning tool which could be adapted by teachers for full class instruction also. Students speak dialogue from a video and get instant feedback on their “production”.

#2 Voicethread
I’m amazed at my own voicethreads and how so many teachers are using them! Post a pic, tell students to visit and speak. Simple but complete.

#3. Bubblejoy!
This might be a controversial choice but I believe in simplicity and this allows students to quickly, easily , send video postcards. Very attractive and motivational!

#4 Tarheel Reader
Oh, I can’t say enough about this place to make books, hear books, share books, download books and just find such awesome contextualized resources for teaching. Thank you Gary, you are a saint.

#5 Posterous
There are many new applications for teachers to instantly share documents/videos/mp3s/ppts etc…. with students. Posterous is the best. Instantly makes your own website and you just send your stuff by attachment in your own email. So simple!

#6 EDU 2.0
This is by far the best place to set up your classroom and/or school personal learning network. It has it all. Gradebooks, chat, video, nice interface. Simple too!

#7 Karafun Karaoke on EFL Classroom 2.0
Yes, why not toot our own horn! I’m so proud of the hundreds of teachers who use and share karaoke files and use karafun to provide students with text supported content for language learning. Not just songs, but news, articles, books and all at your fingertips with a simple click.

#8 Storybird
OMG! This site offers students the most complete educational writing experience. Choose from great illustrations, write and then share your story with classmates. Simply the best.

#9 EFL 2.0’s Talking Bot
Yes, let’s toot our horn again. What’s better than your own private conversation partner? Safe, smart and attractive! Students overseas need this kind of thing for practice and being creative in producing language. Our English Tutor is a close second but she isn’t as pretty!

# 10 Voxopop
Still a wonderful place for students to listen to authentic audio and for teachers to get their students speaking and having conversations online. Works like a charm. You just need a headset!

*** Honorable mention (because it IS so simple) – WORDLE. See our full set of games based on this amazingly simple tool. Just enter some text and make beautifully designed “word images”. Learn some of the secret symbols to enter and even make them nicer!

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