No More Excuses!!!!!

I watched this part of 60 Minutes this evening. Whatever else, it stimulates the mind and gets one thinking about both A) Why some kids are not as “smart” and B) Who is responsible?

A) My own opinion is that there are very large social issues that must be tackled. I commend people, courageous people like Geoffrey Canada – those who pay it back and who fight each day and give their heart to education, without holding punches. Kudos.

However, the root of the problem must be addressed. The racism that still exists, the divide of rich/poor and how those born into poverty have little chance but military enlistment and “luck” to get out. It is a cultural problem and we have to solve it within our society and with dialogue, honest dialogue. IT IS NOT A SCHOOL PROBLEM.

B) One amazing sentence struck me during this video. Canada said, “We will no longer put the blame on the students”. Hallelluja! We need each teacher, each person involved in education to take up this call and take up this “Educational Hippocratic oath”. It won’t solve everything but it will start things. I’ve worked in too many schools and heard too often this tired, “I give up”, “I blame them” refrain…. No more…. Each student can be walked into the light and we need those who see the light. The rest – get out and collect a paycheck elsewhere…


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