The #1 activity for young learners!

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.

Show ‘N Tell

Yes, this is not just a stand by but a great activity for bringing the REAL and real communication into the classroom. It works in an L1 classroom and even works better in an L2 classroom!

The simple version is to have the children bring in a personal item that they want to share with the class. Make a whole lesson of it or schedule it (I prefer the whole lesson).

Make sure to do the following:

1. Model Show ‘N Tell by bringing in your own item! Get the children to ask you about it and give your own presentation and “show”.

2. Make sure to pass the items around. Don’t worry, even if fragile, kids will be careful (usually more so than adults). Children learn language by touching – believe it or not!

3. If you want to make a language lesson of it – write down some key questions / question words, so students can be prompted. Or the day before, brainstorm questions to ask! Write them on chart paper for reference during show and tell.

4. If you can, get them out of their desks and to another area. Sitting on the floor is best. Make it special!

5. Even try filming it! Parents will love this but make sure you run this by administration….

And do you know the bonus, for you the teacher? — Well, besides having a fairly easy lesson, you will get to know your students so much better! And there ain’t no better way to teach them better than to know them better!

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