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It just seems like yesterday that I wrote about WORDLE – an amazing way to display vocabulary. And of course, the games I made – What the Wordle.

Now along comes along Tagxedo with some major improvements (although your taste may still remain with Wordle….).

Like Wordle, with Tagxedo you can make a vocabulary picture by inputting words, uploading a document or submitting a web page. Tagxedo then makes a lovely piece of art. Unlike Wordle though, your creation can’t be printed directly but can be exported as a picture (which you can then print). I find this much better and the more a teacher has control of the product, the better!

The editing features are outstanding. You can change the shape, you can easily delete certain words, you can change the colors and create your own. Lots of other stylistic features that work quick and are very intuitive.

Tagxedo has loads of possibility and though still in beta, I find it a great alternative to Wordle! Check out this wonderful Obama creation! Here is one I created by inputting the EFL Classroom 2.0 url!

Check out Tagxedo and let us know how it compares with Wordle!


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