eHow – “How to” video for the classroom

eHow is a video site with rich, user created video about “How to ” do things. It also has lists and writing about “How to” but I find the videos most useful in class. It has grown after absorbing the site I loved and wrote about previously – Expert Village.

Some topics that have sterling video here are: arts and crafts (paper folding/origami for example), dances, recipes and writing. Just type in a topic and see what comes up. (but be sure to select “video” from the search bar.

“How to” videos can be taught in simple steps.

Here’s one way of teaching with an eHow video.

1. Previewing. Ask the students about the topic.

2. Ordering. Ask the students to try and put the “how to” into steps. Use sequencial transitions: First / Next / Then / After that / Finally
3. Watch the video. Pause if needed to check understanding.
4. Jigsaw. Give students the steps but “cut up” and out of order. Watch again and as students watch, they put them in order. (you can just copy and paste the “instructions” below each video, maybe changing some words)
5. Presenting/Produce. Mix up again and one student “teaches” the others by doing actions and saying the steps – like the video!
6. Extension: Write up on large poster paper the steps with pictures.
Remember: most of these videos can also be found on youtube. Find them there and download using That way, you have a reliable copy for use off line.
Here’s a standard that’s in many curriculum – How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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