“Sowers of Seeds” – a spring message

sowingseedSpring is here in this part of the world. Hope rings eternal. I call it “the filling”. The world replenishes itself and begins the cycle of rebirth.  In a very significant way – teaching is this same “planting of seeds” and nurturing of the gift of life.

Whenever I’m in need of a metaphor for teaching, I always reach for that of “sowing seeds”. The teacher is a person involved in planting the seeds of knowledge and bringing the human spirit to life.
To be a teacher and a sower of seeds, you don’t have to be a paid employee. Mothers are teachers, homeless men are teachers, prisoners are teachers, taxi drivers are teachers, journalists are teachers. Teachers are everywhere – everywhere where one person knows and shares that knowledge – sends that knowledge into the soul of another.
I would ask us all to look around. Look and see what abundance we have and what luxury we bask in. We live in such splendor, most of us reading this. Cars, air travel, instant food, video on demand, libraries, ipods and ice cream on the beach We have so much but most importantly can BE so much. Why? What has led us to these great riches? One thing – the sowing of seeds.
Teachers that are able to freely share and spread knowledge – the seeds of life. They are the wind that  allows spring to do its magic – the free winds that might take knowledge everywhere. Access to information is what has brought us such abundance and bounty. Teachers have played a large part in that.  Without “sowers of seeds” – the world would be a spotty place of green and grey, blue and black.
That’s why as teachers this spring – we should remember how valuable the freedom of access to information is. It allows the wind to plant an Edison and nurture a Newton.  Share your knowledge and touch eternity.
Technology too has given us the ability to create an even greener revolution. I grew up on a farm and know well the power of technology to seed. Teachers with technology (be they in a classroom or behind the tele or a teenager Skyping about volcanoes) can reach vast numbers of people who need knowledge to create splendour and green and growth. Of course technology can create headaches and harm but used well – it will help build even more splendor and splendor for more.  It makes knowledge spread and grow quicker. It provides for access so everyone may partake in the gift of knowledge and the benefits of “teaching”.
I ask all teachers to hold this metaphor to heart. It is all we are – farmers of souls. And there is a lot of importance in that….. let’s remember that this spring and each thereafter.
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