Flikr Poet

Flikr poet is so simple it is astonishing! A great example of how web 2.0 applications are transforming our teaching and classrooms. No doubt, Flikr Poet makes learning happen – happen quicker, better, faster than many other methods.

What is it? Well, Flikr Poet gives you pictures for the words you type in. It makes a nice collage that you can use for instruction. I imagine it could be used in the following ways;

1. Just for simple instruction and vocabulary review. Simply type in your lesson/units vocabulary words and have students review or make sentences

2. Guessing games. Put in your vocabulary words. One student chooses one photo and others ask questions to guess it. Set a limit and if they don’t guess the right picture after “x” number of questions, that student wins.

3. Story Dominoes. Much like my powerpoint game, you can make a Flikr Poem and challenge students to take turns telling the story. First in groups and then share the stories or the best stories.

*** One tip. After getting your first selection of photos, keep refreshing the page and seeing what new photos show up. You will invariably get a perfect example/meld of pictures after a few times.

Many other great ways I’m sure. Try Story Dominoes with this Flikr Poem I produced! Or try the vocabulary “ing” one!

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