Teachers / Students – the gap narrows

If you look at one constant in education (over 100s of years), we see one very clear trend — the blurring of the lines between teacher / student. Technology is only speeding up this process and it is especially true for English Language Teaching. We are no longer custodians of knowledge but seeds of knowledge. Self – service has come to our profession.

Power corrupts, so I’m all for this new “paradigm” and teachers will have to change their role into that of a “one who councils” and a motivator. I await the day when we chuck the term teacher for that of “language councillor” . I think the moment of truth will come when we finally shrug the ‘testing monkey” off our back. When we throw away the false and quacked up yardsticks by which we ill compare each other – we’ll be free to focus more on self improvement. The question is always – “Am I improving?” (education) not “Am I better/worse than my peers?” (schooling).

So in that vein, here is my technological council – for both teachers and students. In particular, see the links below for more reading / resources for teachers and students.

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STUDENTS: (if you don’t want to register for EFL Classroom – just use ID/PW – eflclassroom@mail.com / eflclassroom)

Tips for Learning Languages
– My Prezi!

EFL Classroom Directory – see Games / Arcade / Listening / Stories in particular.

Also our Language Lab.


Web 2.0 Tools – a list.
Using Technology in the Language Classroom
Best ELT Blogs
Classroom 2.0
Inductive Teaching
EFL Classroom’s Professional Development Training page & Resources for Professional Development
TEFL Training page
ELT Jobs Twitter feed.

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