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VerbaLearn is a new site which does a lot of things well. I’m not usually a big fan of learning English through “word study”, however, it is a reality and it does work for many students. Also, VerbaLearn caters to those who are trying to pass all those significant tests….GRE / SAT / ACT and though not directly or yet – TOEFL.

On the site, you are prompted and can test yourself. The words you get wrong, are put into a word list for later study. You can then use that list to be tested upon continually until you’ve learned the words. If you get them right, absolutely (by hitting the “I know” prompt and not guessing), the word is eliminated from your study/test list.

This could be a great place to refer higher level students. And this is a major job of most teachers — we can’t really teach everything in class, there isn’t enough time to conquer the 6-7,000 words needed for academic success….

Also included here – a few word lists which will come in handy!!!! If you also haven’t checked it out on our Practice page – visit Word Count. A “real time” analysis of the most popular words in use on the internet! Maybe use it to get your students to guess what rank “X” word will be. Could be a fun game!

Please also see these other resources including an article on word lists/study by two of the top authorities in this area… Further, don’t forget to visit WORDAHEAD. A video vocab site with much the same high level vocab. I also highly recommend our Vocabulary discussion – loads of ideas and resources there!

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