Twiducate – a simple and safe online classroom

Twiducate gives me goosebumps! I really get excited when I see a tool that teachers can use with their class – a tool that genuinely gets students communicating in a “real” and purposeful fashion.

Twiducate functions like private twitter. Teachers sign up and invite students. Students choose from some nifty avatars and then begin “tweeting” to each other – responding. The teacher can “peg” questions to the top for students to respond to but I think they’ll enjoy just communicating with each other. The teacher can post urls on the side and also important dates. Most importantly it is totally private, safe and FREE!

I set up a “sandbox” for any teacher to try it out first before signing up. Simply enter our classcode – eflclassroom20 and a password (below) that I’ve generated (the teacher creates the student accounts by hitting “students” at the top and entering their name and generating a password. Use any of these student accounts or sign up yourself to view and play around!

107119 / 631128 / 490215 / 824690 / 52681 / 580835 / 971419
Here is how some grade 1 students used Twiducate to talk about their weekend! Real communication! See the screencast below, made by an EFL teacher outlining some features I’ve discussed – but check this out either in our sandbox or by making your own class!!!!!!

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  1. Nice post !
    I wish I could try this new method but I am afraid that my students can’t understand how to deal withe it .

  2. ddeubel says:


    You know how the old saying goes – “you never know ’til you try.” We often underestimate our students. Give them the task and get out of the way!

    But you know your students best….

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