The Tao of Teaching – suggestions?

Over the last year, I’ve compiled this ebook – The Tao of Teaching. It sprung up through a forum conversation and just grew and grew.

Presently, I’m editing it and will make it into a reflective journal, using the passages as a prompt, along with a nice quote about learning/teaching/education for reflective writing. A journal professors/teachers can use with pre or inservice teachers in training.

Do you have any suggestions for this? I’ve long been a great advocate of reflective teaching practices, in particular journals. (if any student teachers are reading this, I’m sure they are smiling!). I’d like to contribute with an attractive ebook that teachers could use as a reflective journal during a practicum or training course.

Your suggestions welcome!

I’d also like to suggest that you take the time to learn more about reflective teaching practices and teaching by visiting some of Thomas Farrell’s books on the subject. I’ve attached a review by David Nunan about his latest, “Reflective Teaching Practice: From Research to Practice. He’s a wonderful writer/speaker on the subject and you can’t go wrong!

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The Tao of Teaching.ppt

Reflective Teaching Practice – Thomas Farrell.pdf

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