Calling All Angels – using WMM and subtitling

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This is a lovely music video of a fabulous and “quirky” Canadian singer, Jane Siberry. Just beautiful and slow – perfect for language learning. I’m also celebrating her because in the spirit of art and knowledge and love – she has just recently made her whole 16 album music collection FREE for downloading. Talk about progressive and a soulmate! Thank you Jane, my soul reaches out to you….

I fell in love with it (it is very recent, from March in the outback of Australia) and wanted to share it with students. Find below a nice organizer for getting students to brainstorm the qualities of “an angel”. Who might they consider an angel in their own life? Also, do some origami and get making some angels!

However, I’d like to discuss and share my ideas for subtitling with Windows Movie Maker. It is a tool that I use often, whenever I need to add text support and support my instruction for learners. Let me take you through the steps I took to make this video.

1. I downloaded the video in FLV high quality by using .  Just enter the url of the youtube video and you will be provided with links to different qualities of the same video to download. If just downloading – use mp4, it is the most stable. If downloading to subtitle, download a high quality .flv.

2. Next, I used NCH’s videopad. It is free and this Australian company has the best suite of tools for working with audio and video available (also see their free wavepad for working with audio). Videopad is only free for 30 days but after that you still can use to convert to avi and .wmv. Both perfect for subtitling! Download and open the .flv in Videopad. Drag it to the editing area below and press “convert” . Select .avi format. Now, you’ve easily converted it to a format you can use with WMM.

3. Now you have an .avi video file. Next, if you have a windows based computer, click the “START” button and go into programs. Select “Windows Movie Maker”. It is standard and comes with all windows based. operating systems. In the case of the newer Windows 7 – you’ll have to download it HERE through Windows live.

4. Next add subtitles using WMM. Here is a nice tutorial. I think WMM has horrible subtitling options so I also get my own add ons by creating a special file and adding it to the WMM AddOnTFX folder (if not existing, just make your own). For the above video, I needed subtitles on the right and also lower. So I followed these instructions to add my own subtitling option into WMM by creating a nice .xml file. You can download these “different” and additional subtitling files to add to your program’s Movie Maker file HERE. The Movie Maker forum has loads of advice on using WMM. Check out the Titles area in particular. For example I downloaded THIS ONE long ago and made a TV inlay for a “LOVE TRAIN” video. (the animation will be another post :))

5. After you have your subtitles on the video in WMM – click “file” and “save as movie”. Choose your format and make the movie! You are ready to upload onto your favorite video sharing site or just to use on your own computer and share with students.

Hope this helped somewhere but nonetheless – I hope you enjoyed this very special video. There are still angels out there!

Calling All Angels foldem lyric sheet

Make an origami angel.

Angel brainstorming organizer

Angel origami instructions

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