The #1 …. (ppt vocabulary game)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.


TOP 5 is a power point game I made years ago and which I’ve received countless letters/emails in thanks. Really glad I made it and it is super engaging for students in the class. See below, a video a teacher made, showing the game in action! You can see how the students get more and more into the game as it goes along.

Basically, it is like the old Family Feud game. Students can either have a worksheet (preferred) to record their answers and score, or not. They are given a category and brainstorm their Top 5 answers while the “thinking song” plays. They have to be quick! Then, the answers are revealed and each individual scores. A group leader gets the score for the whole team and it is recorded. Continue playing as many rounds as desired.

A simple but fantastic vocabulary game! Get all the recently redesigned games in our Powerpoint game section on EFL Classroom 2.0! Instructions and worksheet included. Here’s a sample game. TOP 5 ELEMENTARY 2        THE TOP 5 worksheet

P.S. It is easy to play this low tech. Just print the slides (File – Print – Print Preview – x slides / page) and get the answers from the notes area in the powerpoint (right click each slide, select “notes”).

Tell us how you play Top 5 in your classroom!

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