The #1 ….. (fun shopping game)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.

The Price is Right Game

the_price_is_rightA recent tweet about this amazing Price is Right inside story, got me revisiting this game I made a number of years ago. You can find many versions in our Instructional Powerpoint Resources on EFL Classroom 2.0.

It’s a fantastic game to play with students to review prices. It also, has a broader objective beyond language: getting student to recognize “that money doesn’t grow on trees” and become aware of what products/items actually do cost. You’ll be surprised how many students don’t have a clue about certain products!

I also highly recommend the “Big Mac” Price is Right game . I made it using the Big Mac index and students have to guess the country and the price of a Big Mac in that country. It really teaches awareness of price differences in other countries and can lead to a great discussion about economics, poverty, multinationalism etc…..

How to play?

It’s simple

1. Use the powerpoint or cut out large pictures of your own products to use. Use local products and local currency – just change the products in the powerpoint to suit your own place/time.

2. Divide the class into teams. Give each team a small whiteboard (laminate an A4) and marker or just use multiple pieces of scrap paper. Students record their estimated price there.

3. Show an item and students have one thinking song to discuss and write down their “guess”. Explain that they must be under the actual retail price.

4. All students hold up their prices and state what they guessed. Every student can see the price and hear the price called. Really effective for learning how to say prices!

5. The closest but not over team, gets to try the bonus question and get double points!

a nice way to count points is to distribute fake money (get this on our Teacher’s tools page) and at the end the team with the most money wins! Or put the money in a bag and student’s reach in and pull out their own amount. Make sure they state how much they got, so the whole class knows!

That’s “The Price is Right”! Try the electronic version in our Arcade. Also, check out this amazing student and how lucky he was on the Price is Right! A great way to get students ready for the big game!

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