What about your summer vacation?

sokchoIt is summer holiday for many of us teachers. I’d love to find out more about what other teachers are doing this summer holiday. Blog about it or throw up a few comments here! I was inspired to write this by Anton’s amazing post and pictures about his summer rafting trip on EFL Classroom 2.0

I only had time for a mini getaway (but will have time this fall for my “real” holiday – visiting my beautiful parents and writing a book I’ve long been planning). I traveled east from Seoul to the beautiful city of Sokcho. It is a quick 2 hour and 20 min (or 3 hours if you take the scenic bus over the mountains) and is on the east coast, up north near the DMZ (demilitarized zone with N.Korea).

It is a jewel! Not heavily visited but lots to do! It has great beaches, lots of lakes and clean streets. Seorak mountain is its backdrop – one of the most famous mountains/national parks in Korea. It is also the main place for the ferry to Russia and Vladivodstok – so you’ll meet quite a few Russians. I stayed a few days in the city and took in the sites and baked on the beach. Then a few days in the mountains in a nice luxury hotel.

I highly recommend the following.

1. Seorak Nat. Park – the cable car, the views! All the hiking you’ll ever want. All levels. Best in fall but great any time of year.

2. Sokcho beach. Clean, not crowded at all (unless you go during the 2 week peak summer period)

3. Chongchoho Lake. Right in the middle of the city, it is a place of quiet respite, horseback riding, leisure sports and peace and quiet.

4. The “pull boat” and the N.Korean village. Right downtown, you take a small pullboat across the river. Made famous in some Korean soapopera, it is something all Koreans do. Then, stop in the N.Korean village for some great grilled fish or famous “sondae”, a specially made sausage.

5. The city tour bus. I usually hate these things but it is a double decker with great views. You stop at all the sites and for $7 , can’t be beat.

Here are some photos from my trip. How about you? What are you doing this summer to recharge your teaching batteries?

Also, you might find interesting this recent survey on EFL Classroom 2.0 about the length of teacher’s summer holidays.

Sokcho Port

Seorak San – very high up.

Seorak from below

Try some Pajeon!

The Beach

Me and the Mermaids

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