The #1 …. (mispelled word in English)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.


Yes, if you caught the mistake in the title, you are well on your way to being a great speller! Almost everyone, native speaker or 2nd language learner, has a problem spelling certain words. It usually comes down to how we processed the word when we first “learned” the word. Not our first encounter with the word but the first time it was “acquired” and became part of our standard inventory of recallable language.

Here’s the best list I know of the top most misspelled words in English. Which one(s) do you have particular trouble with? I can’t spell “accommodation” if my life depended on it!

This list has some words children have difficulty spelling. I’m not sure of the veracity of this list – from my experience teaching grade 4 – kids are “all over the place” when it comes to the words they have difficulty spelling. But then again, I only have a couple of years under my belt and maybe veteran primary school teachers would know more.

Also try this quiz and see how you do. But remember, recognizing a word’s spelling it and spelling it are actually two different things/skills!
Words that Children Misspell

Words that Children Misspell

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