Zen and the Act of Publishing a Book (part 1)

Jeremy Harmer made a comment in defense of big publishers the other day.  He said, “the cost of producing a book is horrendous these days, the investment staggeringly high.”

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. I took that as a challenge so within 8 hours I CREATED and PUBLISHED a book. Not some frothy, blablabla book but something substantial and which practicing teachers or teacher training programs can use. This book and wisdom came from my own experience using reflective writing in my teacher training courses.

Later this week in a detailed post, I will describe the steps I took to both publish AND market this book. I think it will be highly beneficial to all – writers or even those who might still be only thinking about it, “one day”.

Admittedly, I have a sound tech background and so could do all this quicker than the regular Joe – however, it isn’t difficult and the costs and investment AREN’T staggering – unless you want to justify your billion dollars in profits (after expenses / before taxes – Pearson’s 2009 financial statement).

Get the book on Lulu to order or download. (and be so kind as to write a review/comment!)
Also, everyone who is supportive enough to

whatever amount to EFL Classroom 2.0 to cover our rising costs (from Ning, another profit hungry bemoth), will get it free. The license is Creative Commons and Sharealike. Meaning, once you get it – do whatever you want with it and copy, spread around as much as you like! Teacher trainers, you can contact me on EFL Classroom or here and get the powerpoint for instructional purposes.

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Wow. If it’s really that easy, it just comes down to marketing it effectively, I guess. Good work!

  2. ddeubel says:


    I wouldn’t say “that easy” but it isn’t a year’s worth of work. But you have to have ideas/content and creativity.

    You are right though – you do need marketing. I’ve only sold 3 books so far! I do hope though to get it on Amazon this week. Also, some generous professor will use it at a teacher’s college as part of journal writing for pre/in service teachers… But it is out there.

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