TEFList – a new kind of ELT job site

logoIt is done, real and out there – finally after almost 2 years of pecking away, TEFList is launched.

I’m giving all my blog readers an early peek. The official launch is Sept. 1st and that’s when I’ll start a slow marketing blitz to get the word out. Appreciate anyone checking it out and giving some feedback.

Basically, TEFList grew out of the spirit in me to “do it better”. I just saw so much in the ELT job world/market that was wrong and thought – “hey, I can do this better”. And so I did – I do think TEFList, despite its infancy, is unparalleled.

I had to build something better because of these 3 things that I thought were fundamentally wrong and “primitive” about the ELT/TESOL job sites I saw out there.

The first thing I saw as “wrong” with job sites in ELT was the fact that they were like Las Vegas. Lots of glitter but no substance. Flash ads blazing away but just surface, no depth or personalization. No harnessing of the power of Web 2.0. Read only web – boring.  On TEFList, teachers get their own page they can turn off and on as their job search dictates. They can personalize it and add photos, documents, videos.  Employers can have their one stop page. Google mapped location, video and full html design and link to their own site. Lots more but I’ll stop there….

Second, the ELT world of jobs was just a forest, a tangled web that would drive a teacher in need of a job into fits and starts. So many sites, where to go to find  THE job?   So on TEFList, all the jobs come to you! The power of aggregation makes this happen and possible and we use it to the full. Save the jobs you are interested in also. Amazing, “deep” search too. Find a specific job.

Lastly, there was no video! We are entering a digital age and video offers employers the possibility to be much more sure about the candidate they would interview. Video offers teachers the chance to show who they are and why they are the best for the position. Video resumes/introductions are perfect for the world of ELT where there is so much geographical distance. On TEFList, embed your school’s video or your video introduction – or upload it if you will. Watch examples and tutorials on how to do this.  Gain an up on the competition!

Keep intouch with TEFList through our wonderful blog, youtube channel , twitter! or Facebook group.

All the profit from TEFList will go to support the free community of teachers – EFL Classroom 2.0, which is costing me over a $1,000 dollars a year. Further, 10% of revenue will support One Laptop per Child. I’m still a BIG believer in the power of the internet to help those who need it most.

We are a site developed by teachers – teachers who know what is needed. This will certainly win the day. Please support us and get the word out about TEFList > Great Teachers, Great Jobs.

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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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