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Holding-handsOver the last several months, I’ve been corresponding with Mike Marzio, the wonderful engineer behind Real-English videos. Corresponding about a campaign to raise funds for Zacharia, a poor, bright spirited deaf man in Kenya.

We wondered how to go about it. Would others respond? Fortunately, Mike has the resolve and has got things organized, including a website where you can find out lots about Zacharia and his needs/life.

I really do think that one of the most powerful things about “technology” is not all the gadgetry and wizardry and pyrotechnics. What is so amazing is how we can “come together” as Lennon might have sang. Contrary to the luddites who shout how it makes people become lonely, self absorbed souls – it makes the world a smaller, more understanding place. I truly believe that. With a click of a button or a lift of a switch – we can be across the ocean and connect with the whole realm of humanity.

And with this amazing ability comes responsibility. To do what you can, to help who you can. We have this opportunity and I hope readers who get so much from my blog, will think about helping Zach, helping with the gift of education. It’s not about the money but about the love.

Listen to Mike and then Zach as he tells his story. Chip in, pass it on and help in that way too.

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  1. Mike Marzio says:

    For example, David, do you know the person in charge of

    Maybe he or she would feature a link to Zach’s fundraiser on their landing page.

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