The #1 …. (Quick and Easy Lesson for Young Learners)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.

What Do You See?

Let’s face it, many times as a teacher, we are faced with having to pull a lesson “out of our hat”. Last minute, we have to teach a new class or left our lesson materials at home. Or perhaps, we are just sick and tired, hung over, run down …… What to do?

Well, I’ve had a go to lesson that works wonders and is prep free. I call it, “What Do You See?” Find my description in brief, here on Teaching Recipes (a site I created to help teachers with quick ideas). Basically, you just give students a blank A4 and together draw and label a picture on the board. Keep asking “What do you see?” and adding vocabulary/drawings. Afterward, students flip it over and draw their own, using their own title. (At the Beach, At the Mall, At a Concert , At a etc…..)

Here is a basic A4 that you can use with students. I can see

This lesson works wonders and in my next #1 posts, I’ll be describing the #1 Quick lessons for Intermediate and Advanced level learners. Stay tuned!

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