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Last One Standing

lastonestandingThis game is fantastic! I’ve done it in countless teacher training sessions and with students. It’s gotten so that other teachers when they see another teacher doing this with their students – tell me they know they must have been to one of my training sessions!

It’s easy to do. Select some vocabulary from a song your student’s enjoy (select words that repeat a lot). Then, ask them to choose and write in large letters, one of those words/phrases. Divide the students into groups. The students stand up showing everyone their word and holding it high.
Play the song and students must sit down when they hear their word. Stand up again when they hear it again. Last one standing wins and the group with the most standing wins too!
Lots of variations, students can decide to begin sitting or standing and that gives an element of chance.

See many examples on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources

Here are some instructions.  This song is great to use!

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  1. Tom says:

    Love it, love it, love it! People are gonna say I’ve been reading your blog 🙂 !

  2. ddeubel says:

    Glad you like it (love it) Tom! That’s the most rewarding part to us bloggers – forget the yadda yadda, the best is sharing something that works in the classroom.

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