On the shoulders of regular Joe teachers

giantsThese few words today are in thanks to all those I’ve learned from. The thousands of teachers I’ve trained and spoken with, the thousands of teachers sharing online and who’ve I’ve “nudged mouses” with, the many teachers I’ve had the pleasure of joining in their own classrooms, the teachers who’ve I’ve corresponded with by email AND even the teachers I’ve never even touched bases with (for all knowledge flows, like water). Hat’s off to you all, each and every one.

We often think we rest on “the shoulders of giants”. However, I really think that when it comes to professional development and teaching – this isn’t the case anymore. We all learn from “regular Joes” and social media is having an impact by knocking down the old statued authority and replacing it with information flowing between classrooms and teachers. No longer do books and a tomb such as H.D.Brown’s Principles of Language Learning and Teaching, rule the roost. The emperors are wearing less clothing!

I’ve had the honor of being nominated by a number of people as “Best Teaching Blog” in the Edublog Awards. I feel honored and humbled. I put a lot of work in this, my public blog and feel proud of the information here. Over 240 comprehensive posts this year, with loads of references/links and downloads. All possible because of what I’ve learned from “regular Joe” teachers – the true giants of ELT.

In this vein, I’d like to share my Top dozen Teacher Training posts from 2010. Next week, I’ll list my Top 10 posts on education.

1. Every lesson should have its hook
2. The Draw of Drawing
3. In Praise of Praise
4. Making a Doodle Video with your class
5. Top 5 pieces of advice on using technology
6. Storybook Making
7. New Teachers – Essential Stuff on EFL 2.0
8. Student Created Content
9. Top 60 Websites
10. Manufactured Teachable Moments
11. Culturally Specific Content
12. Using the Guinness Book of World Records

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