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the bestLast week I posted up my “Top Teacher Training related posts″ – titled, “On the shoulders of Regular Joe Teachers” and my “Top Education related posts″.

Today, I’d like to share my top Language related posts of 2010.

I believe it really helps a language teacher if they have a passion and “eye / ear” for the infinite beauty, complexity and subtlety of language. Language has me fascinated (and may I say “in love) and it energizes me as a teacher to no end.

Enjoy these posts on what Baudelaire might have said, “Your walk through the forest of symbols”.

1. What’s the World’s most difficult language?

2. The Indelible Nature of Language

3. What is Language?

4. Vocabulary. Does Size Matter?

5. The #1 Language Reference Book

6. Words, Haunting Words.

7. Language and Power. WTF?

8. The #1 Thing We Know About Languages

9. What I’m Amazed By

10. Music is more than the language of love

11. Saying Hello in Many Languages

12. Words, Words, Words

13. Should we teach a “Standard English?”

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