Teach – Learn Coursebook coming soon….

TEACHLEARNIn the new year, I’ll be offering for download/purchase my coursebook – Teach / Learn. It is the result of over 20 years of teaching and testing and based on a methodology that I’m convinced works. Works for teachers – they can focus on student’s needs and not lesson prep. Works for students – they produce the coursebook content and are motivated through peer/self interest.

The methodology I’ve outlined HERE. But basically each of the 60 lessons are delivered in these ways:

1. Getting started. This is a whole class activity which models what the students will do in the production stage. The teacher or a student is at the front of the class. They are the focus and the target language is modeled through them.

2. It’s Your Turn. Students in small groups or pairs practice the target language in the exact same way as introduced in the “Getting Started” phase.

3. Multi-Media / Extras. Each lesson has 4 links to materials either created myself or in the public domain. All on EFL Classroom 2.0 (so that the content won’t disappear as so often the case with linked material). Teachers can choose what is appropriate for their own class. Further, teachers are pointed towards printable “extras” that might facilitate the lesson. Teachers notes for each lesson also offer more specific guidance.

That’s it in a nutshell. Here is a sample lesson about “Homes”. [but note – this will look prettier. Just waiting for the book to get back from the graphic designer / typesetter]

Download the worksheets


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