My Year in Review

Vision2010_LogoYes, that time again.  Time for all the “reviews” of what happened in 2010.  Time for all the pundits to come out of the closet and do their thing.

I won’t bore you by doing much the same. However, I do think that those new to this blog/site might do well to be reminded of all I’ve worked on this year and which might come handy in their classroom! I’m proud of my work ethic (non profit!) and 2010 was a dandy…..  [not interested in this? – try the IHTs 2010 year in review slideshow or scroll to the bottom and see Google’s Zeitgeist video]

My Year in Review:

Jan: fell in love with English Central after contacting former Nuance execs about a voice recognition reading idea. Worked with them and they took my suggestion to add a teacher tracking area. Sign up as a teacher and track your students as they practice with this amazing technology. In 2011, English Central will come out with a new learning system. Stay tuned!

Feb: Gave a fav. speech on “The 5 Faces of Happiness”, about teaching and happiness.  Lots of great feedback from the large crowd. Watch  an excerpt and get resources  here.

March: As usual – lots of orientations / greeting new teachers for the large public school teaching programs in Korea (EPIK / SMOE ).  Featured presentation at the Annual Seoul Conf. on culturally specific content.

April: the Random ELT Blog Generator gets a start. Designed with over 300 ELT blogs. Just click a button and let serendipity do the rest!

May: My own profile/portfolio page goes live. (got to update it!). More training / traveling. Our Quizlet group starts up and now has hundreds of publicly available flashcard sets!

June: TEFList, the only ELT job site that has all the jobs is launched. I’d been working on it almost 2 years! It will remain available and free for teachers. Also the twitter feed of over 400 jobs daily!  Ning begins killing off free sites and I lose 8 micro sites and loads of content. Boo!  Lots of work providing World Cup resources for teachers!

July: Gave a graduation speech and left my job teaching at a graduate school of TEFL, to return to Canada. Lots of sadness and hope mixed together. Want to be near my parents and also “walk the talk”. Teach a TEFL certificate course online.    My book “Zen and the Act of Teaching” comes out. The best Web 2.0 tools for teaching languages is produced after use in several training sessions.

August: EFL Classroom hosts the 18th ELT blog carnival. A real carnival! Lots of lectures to new teachers. ELT and Tech, a technology and teaching languages tutorial site is launched.  Start my “Captive Mind” series in response to academia’s walling of content.

September: The #1 in ELT ebook comes out.   Finally leave for Canada to start chopping wood.

October: I begin working on a video conference system to be available Jan. 2011. Based on open source software development, it is unique and embraces my own ideas of what functionality/use an eteaching room should have. [It’s really cool].  Started the LinkedIn group – ELT Professionals around the world. Join us!

November: Begin hard work on my forthcoming textbook – Teach / Learn. Lots of work left but I think it a revolutionary methodolgy and way for new teachers especially to teach effectively.   Raised from the dead, the old Seti Teachers site and it is renamed “School of TEFL”. So much content for teachers – couldn’t let it die.  Made available – Record and Email a Video for teachers

December: snowed in, in Canada. Began with earnest working on the content for my new TEFL Certificate course with a concentration in educational technology. Classes start late Feb.  Fully accredited. Site will be working in Jan. for registration.   Create a cool Youtube searchable and ad free player for teachers.

Now 2011!  The new School of TEFL, new video conferencing rooms, a new coursebook. Can’t wait! If I can keep getting up and hungry for what can be done – I’ll be happy. Here in Canada or anywhere.

Happy New Year to All!

See how the whole world searched through 2010 with Google’s Zeitgeist video.

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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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3 Responses

  1. I enjoyed reading through your amazing achievements for this year. I am sure 2011 is going to be an even greater year for you as you are so full of passion and commitment.
    I wish you every success for all your exciting new projects in the new year. Thank you for everything you do for the TEFL world in general.

    I really enjoyed reading and reviewing your fabulous “Zen and the Act of Teaching”. It contains so many thoughtful insights into the art as well as the act of teaching.

    Best wishes and Happy New Year!


  2. ddeubel says:


    Thanks so much for all your help in 2010. Even an understatement when I say that it was invaluable. You taught me a lot about the editing process and I’m much “better” for it!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather – I’m snowed in again in Canada. Oh well, I’ll get back near you and my beloved Corsica soon….

  3. Daniel says:

    Hey! I like your site! Keep up the good work in 2011, greetings from Madrid!

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