The #1 … (“personal” resource in ELT)

Number One** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1.

Larry Ferlazzo

larryLarry Ferlazzo does so much to help the wider English teacher community, I’m almost lost at how to begin…..
With that in mind and with the thought that he is not as appreciated as he should be (and there are a few others in this category) – I’m happy to add him to the #1 series.  This series wouldn’t be complete or have any integrity without him.
Larry should be added to any teacher’s reader, to any twitter account, to any blog sidebar. If you haven’t – do it now, so others will “get the goods”.
What I really like about Larry is that he is so fair and impartial. That’s always a sign of a great educator. He doesn’t judge a tool or resource – like a good journalist, he just notes the pluses and minuses and let’s you decide.  I wish I could be so impartial and non-interfering!
To end, let me list the ways Larry helps the wider community.

1. His “Best” lists. Larry is a great lister, probably the best around.
2. His blog. Full of great categories and information, always updated!
3. His teacher’s website.  Lots of links for students, all categorized. And more.
4. His published materials. Larry writes on practical topics.  Strategies / Motivation / Parent Engagement
5. He writes for numerous other blogs as a guest blogger.  Engaging Parents in Schools, In Practice, The Huffington Post and others.
6. An interview series with other great educators.
7. His twitter feed of incredibly useful references/resources.
8. The ESL / EFL / ELL blog carnival which he organizes and promotes.
All this and he teaches!  Thank you Larry and hope every new teacher finds you and gets the help they deserve.
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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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4 Responses

  1. Larry Ferlazzo says:


    Thanks for all your kind words! Especially coming from you, the hardest working person in the ESL/EFL world, it means a lot…


  2. ddeubel says:


    I guess I’ll never be able to shake that moniker “hardest working person”! Could be worse…. 🙂

    Just want to keep your name out there – I know many new teachers are landing on my blog and you should be their first go to…. Good to see you taking in the Wisconsin events – you guys down there need some good old Canadian teacher support. A lot I don’t like about Canada but I do like how secure and strong, the teaching profession is up here.


  3. dee8906 says:

    Larry is fantastic! I am awed by his posts, lists, and tweets! I always wonder how he finds the time! All of his links are excellent and timely! I would love to see him teach!
    Thanks for the post about our shining star, Larry Ferlazzo!

  4. ddeubel says:

    You can say that again!

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