The Power of Presentations

public-speaking-micorphone-crowdI’m glad to announce a new material/book for purchase – The Power of Presentations: A 4 module, 20 hour course. Tried and true, tested on hundreds of students and in-service teachers. It works! I’ve literally had success with these materials and this approach across a variety of levels, age groups and environments.  Preview here.

I really believe in presenting information as a way for students to develop strong fluency. Not only do they make great gains in language but they also develop a valuable skill that transfers across all languages.

This course culminates in a day of presentations by the students, with assessments. A nice power point which you can edit to produce a beautiful certificate is included.

Here’s a sample of the book (the photos are clicked to go to the multimedia materials – but they aren’t working in the sample). The book also includes dozens of extra materials through the supplemental website which is included.

Purchase of the book helps in two BIG ways:

1.  It helps support EFL Classroom 2.0 and the thousands of dollars I spend out of my own pocket.

2. It helps sustain a new direct model of textbook creation and sales/ distribution. Teachers helping teachers.  David against the Goliaths of the publishing world.

Have you used public speaking with your students? I’d love to hear what you think about it.

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