The Blues, New Orleans, TESOL

bluesI’m just on my way home from a great conference in New Orleans. Refreshed by many conversations with fellow teachers (but have lost my voice!). The small talk and conversations were even more important than any of the presentations I attended or gave. Really and truly, a conference is about all the little things and thoughts you share with others working in different and diverse environments. It all adds up and contributes to our teaching knowledge and will definitely transfer back to the classroom.

I took the time despite being so tired – to take in the blues. Spent two nights listening to Bryan Lee and his amazing Powdered Blues Band. Rejuvenating, especially how music, the blues in particular, are so full of insights into language and its use/worth/power. Telling a story, repetition, rhyme, emotion, identity… too much for this short post from the airport. I will comment more in another post.

Just want to say thank you to anyone I met and shared conversations with!

If you are interested in a great website your students or you can use in your class – try The Blues Maker. It is super simple and you can make a great song in a few minutes. Teacher’s might also find this Louis Armstrong power point useful 9thinking about it since I’m in the Louis Armstrong airport as I write this) or get the video on EFL Classroom 2.0.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi David,

    We just got back ourselves. What a conference it was, and what a beautiful setting. Glad you got a chance to take in some of the sights and sounds.

    I agree, though, TESOL for us was all about meeting people in the flesh – teachers and authors, even colleagues in the States we’ve never met – that’s what makes conferences so special.

    Having said that, I’m sorry we missed you while we were there – would have been great to meet you in person.

    OUP ELT Global

  2. ddeubel says:


    Next time. There is always the next one or IATEFL if you’ll be there.

    I met so many people I didn’t knew virtually but didn’t really “know”. Makes you realize how important it is – “reality”. Especially someone like myself who does so much online…

  3. Yes, we’ll be at IATEFL this year. At the OUP stand and sitting in on the talks.

    So hopefully we’ll get a chance to say hi in person.

    All the best,

    OUP ELT Global

  4. ddeubel says:


    Will do. My friend Thomas Farrell is speaking and he never fails to amaze. Make sure you get away from the stand and take his barnstorming talk in!

    Also, I’m leading the charge on the educational side of things for EnglishCentral We are now looking for partners to use our speech recognition / quiz technology with content providers, curriculum/textbooks. White labeled. Take a look when you have a chance.


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