Top 5 “TV Style” games

GameShow2I’m quite enjoying the process of making a decision about ” The Top” games and find previous lists HERE and HERE. The GAMES and ARCADE pages on EFL Classroom 2.0 are really popular and I think for good reason. [in fact today’s selection is all  available in the Learning Arcade]

Today’s category is special. These TV style games really grab the student’s attention and can be brilliantly motivating (but be careful to keep the class under control – it can get noisy). The class is like the audience and you can play so that there are prizes on the line.

One thing to note – they are authentic so the language can be a little difficult.

Next will be the Top 5 Powerpoint games for teaching language!

So here it goes….

1.The Price is Right. There will be lots of noise in the classroom for this one! Very interactive and “real”. Students can use their own small whiteboard to write down/guess their own prices and play along.  Read my full post about using the Price is Right in class!

2.  Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. I’m a big fan of regular trivia games to promote language learning and interest. Great for practicing questions and very motivating for “brainy” students!

3.  Deal or No Deal. Fantastic for practicing large numbers. One half of the class can “play”, the other half can be the banker. Switch. See who made the best deal! Really works…

4. The Wheel of Fortune.  Similar to the hangman style of Spinners Luck – it really is like the real thing! Students guess topics like Movies, Book titles etc…

5. Blockbusters. The real deal – like the famous British TV Show. Students pick a letter and then answer a question using that letter as the start. Very interactive, like the real thing. From the same people who brought us Price is Right.

Honorable Mention:  Family Feud and Jeopardy for 2nd lang. learners (scroll down the games page to the bottom for more like this).

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