My Top 5 power point games

powerpointStill enjoying the series on games!   Power point games are something I REALLY know a thing or two about. I have made hundreds and also designed dozens of my own games from scratch. They are great because a teacher can take any game, edit and then have personalized content for their own class.

There are many places to get this games around the internet. However, the games can all be found on EFL Classroom 2.0, shared by the teachers who’ve made them. See the list of  all the games.

So, I’m linking my Top 5  examples there. It’s free, a quick sign up and then download as needed. Please share and post up those you have made yourself.

So let’s get started ………..

#1.  BAAM.   Without a doubt.  This is a game I created. Very basic but engaging. It solves a problem with many games – how to keep students engaged when after a few questions/rounds, they know who’ll probably win? With BAAM any team could win, right up to the last moment. 3 sizes of templates. Really engaging and dynamic.

#2. Jeopardy. A Classic. Also flash versions are available. So many styles, many with the full sound/beeps and effects. Flash versions available too. If you are into making your own games – try Quiz Break for a great game generator for embedding audio/video into the game.

#3. Pass the Paper. Another game I created based on a regular game played in classrooms. Students in groups pass around a piece of paper while music plays. When the music stops, the person with the piece of paper must answer the questions on the screen or do what is asked. It’ll get noisy, be prepared!  Here’s one of many flash versions also available for click and play.

#4. What the Wordle.  Wordle brought vocabulary study into the web 2.0 age. What the Wordle is a series of vocabulary games based on wordle pictures. Lots of types and a real “thinking” style of game. See the picasa library here (non power point) – just set the play button to pause and use the arrow keys to advance/go back. Here’s an example. (also a creative way to use Picasa in education!)

#5.  Top 5. This is the first game I ever came up with. Based on the Family Feud style of game but for language learners. Get the worksheet and play with it. Both group and individual point winners.  Super engaging game that students can’t get enough of….

Get many templates here but you can also just download any game and then edit with your own content and use as a template.

Honorable mentions: Transl8it ,  The Price is Right, Guess Who, One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

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  1. erica pacia says:

    i wanted to have sample copy of wordles for my students

  2. Shiela S. Badiang says:

    Hi please send me sample wordle games with power pont

  3. ddeubel says:

    You can find many wordle resources on our community EFL Classroom 2.0.

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