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I’ve been reflecting a lot on my own “creativity” regarding ELT and education in general. Probably because I’m starting into a new project and direction (stay tuned).

Over the last 5-6 years, I’ve dived into many projects. I’ve reveled in the possibility that a little bit of tech knowledge gives. Just trying and seeing what happens, following the 37 signals principle of just “getting it live” and going from there.

So many things I’ve tried. Most have failed. Yes, sadly true but I’ve reconciled myself to this. It is part of the process.

See a list below. I’ve been very harsh about a passing grade. Some projects that “failed” are still awaiting a new person or possibility to get them going again (like TEFList). Some fell victim to a lot of passion but just bad timing in the marketplace. Some, just never had the time to really devote to it past getting it made. Others, just didn’t take for reasons I can’t divine. Such is life.

I’m proud of what did pass. These sites continue to help thousands of teachers every day. Free and represent an expression of my own will and contribution to the world of education. Some I do wish had had even more success (like Project Peace) but that’s life. It had its time and will have its time again, god willing.

We should all have the ability to muck about – I love that the internet allows us such.

One final comment. The internet is changing very fast. It is now very hard to start a community, to get traction with a website. For many reasons I won’t get into but things have changed. If you want to muck about online, do so for the mere joy of doing it, seeing it be built and be “alive”. Don’t do it expecting to be a success in the larger sense of the word – you’ll be in for a lot of heavy heartbreak.

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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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2 Responses

  1. Anna Bring says:

    Hi and thanks for sharing not just the things that has worked out well for you but also the things that you’re not so satisfied with. I come here ever so often to read your posts and it often gets me thinking and reflecting. Today it got me posting again for the first time in a couple of weeks, I realised that I want to muck about and maybe make a few new connections, but I have been caught by my own “needs-to-be-perfect” thoughts.
    Thanks again for a great blog!

  2. ddeubel says:


    I’m glad you get something from the blog, that’s the point!

    Also, you hit the nail on the head – it’s about not being “perfect” and just getting it up there and real. From there you can proceed towards that nirvana! Go for it.


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