– fabulous! is a real cool, “new” way to share your teaching online. It is simple and effective. I’ve been testing it out and it works like a charm! A really exciting tool.

What is it?

It is just a simple power point set beside a video recorded through your webcam. That’s it! Record up to 90 min free and save up to 10 lectures/lessons free. (and I’d just keep deleting as needed unless you really want to get into this). You don’t even need a cam, just use audio if you wish (though you’d be under utilizing it). The only one wrinkle I see is in not allowing private settings for free members. I think this shouldn’t be part of a pricing model.

The functionality is superb. Takes a little time for the power point to convert but you can use a clicker to advance the slides – this means you can get away from the monitor/computer and step back when recording the video.

I’ll be giving a a lecture at this weekend’s Kotesol National conference by skype. But I’ll be sure to record on for all who can’t attend. Still in beta – I can’t wait until it is “out there”. All sorts of great uses enabling teachers to reach a much wider audience and those students who can’t/couldn’t attend classes. Try it, you’ll like it. Just don’t be camera shy!

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