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anaprofileI’ve been shining my light into the future and acting on my beliefs regarding teachers writing and publishing their own books – both ebooks and POD “real” books. I think it is the future and a much better model – giving more voice to our profession from actual practitioners on the ground and not the crowned prince “experts”.

Today, I’d like to highlight a trailblazer, Ana Maria Menezes. See her book below – Developing the 4 Skills with Webtools. It’s available for order. It’s great, its practical and meaty. Actual examples of all these tools in use.

I’ve met Ana Maria online and enjoyed workshopping with her lively student teachers. She’s a blogger and teacher trainer. She’s the real deal. She practices what she preaches and uses these tools. I’ve followed her for years and she’s been doing the tech teaching for years. A trailblazer. Take a look…. We need to support each other and efforts like this…

If you liked this post, you might enjoy “Viva La Textbook Revolucion!”. Also see my own ebook store and “real” bookstore.

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