Bests Posts 2010-2011

I’d like to share as the year comes to a close – My best “Teaching Advice” blog posts. Also, my best “Practical Teaching Posts”.

[Next – I’ll outline the Best posts about “Language”. ]

Note: all posts link to the EFL Classroom 2.0 blog which is now public. If not a member – join us!

Also invaluable – 

The #1 in ELT Series of posts and my ebook – The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Teacher. .  Supporters will also benefit from the“I”m a Newbie Teacher” group – a complete directory of great resources!


Best Teaching Advice Posts:

1. Lessons For Teachers from “The King’s Speech”

2. Faking It.

3. Making what you do “Stick”.

4. In Praise of Slowness

5. Teaching Is ……

6. Using Video – The Coming Revolution

7. Surviving As A Teacher

8. Follow Your Nose

9. Giving Students Room to do their own thing.

10. Stepping Back to Jump Ahead

11. What Makes A Classroom Fit To Live In?

12. The 5 Enemies

13, Chopping Wood – A metaphor for teaching

14.25 Ways of being a good teacher

15. The 7 sensational sins of good teachers  AND  Deadly Sins

16. In Praise of Praise

17.My Teaching Village advice posts.

18. The Future of Learning


“Practical” Teaching Posts

1. Classroom decorating ideas

2. Song Lyric Sheets

3. Teaching with a blank piece of paper

4. Authentic Materials

5. Going to Pieces

6. Making a Doodle Video

7. Using Flashcards

8. Drawing Resources

9. 2 Way Tasks

10. Blank Dialogue Videos

11. Making Storybooks

12.PPT Games Series

13. Poetry in the Classroom

14. Kinetic Typography videos

15. Using Silent Video and Using Video

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