School starts tomorrow!

Nipissing University

Yep, time to get serious, school is starting!

In keeping with this year’s promise to be more personal on my blog, I have some news of my comings and goings. I’ll be starting to teach at the university I attended for my own B.Ed. After a year off, relocating back to Canada, working fervently (and still will) with EnglishCentral, teaching online (and still will), I’m raring to get back in the classroom and working with teachers. Both to help them get better and to better myself. My power only comes from the power of others, we are all inextricably linked – such is the nature of this “art” we call teaching and learning….

I attended Nipissing University Teacher’s College 20 years ago! Here’s a pic I recently dug out of a shoe box. It was taken just after our last class in the spring. Our class was together 8 hours a day and we really became close. I’m told, it is still the same set up today. Can you find me among my classmates?

I’m teaching Education and Schooling. A topic dear to my heart, as readers of this blog will note. I’m preoccupied on how we might transform “school” into something more relevant and something that energizes students and doesn’t merely create haves and have nots. I’m sure I’ll learn as much from my discussions with student teachers as they from my course.

What’s new with you this year? Let us know what journey you are headed on….

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