Using Songs in the EFL Classroom

This presentation has always been a fav. of teachers. Here, I add a voiceover and summarizing some of the main points (ever so quickly). Click on the presention to listen and use the slideshow underneath to go to resources highlighting each point (by clicking on the photos). Additionally, the “song” tag gives post gives with more information about using song in our classrooms.

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3 Responses

  1. Teaching others has a 90% retention rate? That’s shocking. I just watched a bunch of Sugata Mitra videos so I guess it shouldn’t be tho!

    This is great, thank you. I tend not to feel comfortable using songs as I have seen – way too often – fellow teachers use songs as fun filler. It seems like just a fallback position when you had nothing else to do.

    But your presentation makes a lot of sense and my newest class wants a little song now and then, so I’m going to give it a shot.

  2. ddeubel says:

    Yep – that’s what they’ve found and why my motto is “when one teaches, two learn”. I learn so much while teaching! And have to have Ss do more teaching rather than listening/exercises etc… I hope you saw my fav. Sugata Mitra presentation – at Delfts U. the Netherlands. He really puts all his ideas into one great package and the QA at the end is really important. If you search this blog under Future of Learning, you’ll find my post and links.

    Good point about teachers being hesitant. I was the same once. Mostly didn’t think music, using music was “teaching”. But I’ve changed and know it works and what benefits students, I’ll do, even if it means coming out of my own comfort zone… we have to. So give it a shot!

  3. jair says:

    I always think music could help students improve their knowlegde on any subject. I have friend of mind used to say that it doesn`t work because songs have mistakes on their lyrics . Mistakes, for example, in grammar and spelling but I believe they are a powerful technique to learn something

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