Thank You lesson

It’s Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S. which in Canada is also US). So I thought I’d share a lesson I really love. It is great for the end of the year, session and really is a great way to show that all students contribute to the class – that they all indeed, count.

1. On the board prior to class write on one side of the board.

Thank you for …………ing ………..

On the other side, possible replies.

You’re welcome. | No problem | Just being myself | Oh, don’t mention it | My pleasure etc….

2. Simply start by thanking some students in the class. “Thank you “student’s name” for ……….ing ……………”

Possible reasons: coming on time / always smiling / being so helpful / helping others / finishing your work / never complaining etc…

Students reply using the prompts on the board.

3. Give out the handout . thank you handout. Or this handout – ThankYouGame
This comes from my now public “techbook” Teach | Learn.
Tell students to fill out the first part, for each student in the class (or most).

4. Students get up and go around the class thanking all their classmates and responding to the “thank you”.

5. End by sharing as a whole class, some of the “thank you ” messages the students wrote. You might even make a Wallwisher where students can post public thank you messages to everyone!

Here’s a nice video I subtitled ages ago. A nice compliment to this lesson. Also click the other links provided on the handout. Some nice additions too!

Dido Thank You – Foldem’ listening lyric sheet

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

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