Going With The Flow

I’ve been doing lots of thinking about social media, technology and especially about my own role in it all a la EFL Classroom 2.0.

It’s been tough going. With the exponential growth of twitter and Facebook these last two or so years, it isn’t easy to form online “community”. People go where people are. And most of the world are living in the metropolises of Twitter City and Facebook Valley. EFL Classroom 2.0 has only survived (and continued to grow) because it has tons of content. It has the goods that can help teachers. It isn’t just blablabla….

So what to do? I could cry over spilled milk, that the times have changed and nobody is participating in “dialogue”, in talk, in community on EFL Classroom 2.0. And I’ve been doing my share of that – especially when I get the usual demanding and aggressive emails saying, “why don’t you have this?” or “why doesn’t this work?” etc… A minority of those out there but they dishearten me to no end. I get 5 or 6 a week. Makes we want to just pull the plug.

However, I’ve been coming around to this new suit of clothes and role EFL Classroom 2.0 plays. And also realizing that you can’t fight such a large wave, that instead, you have to climb on board it and use it. Go with the flow. There are no problems, only solutions.

In that vein, find on all our pages, a Facebook comment system. Scroll to the bottom of any page and comment with Facebook – no log in needed for EFL Classroom 2.0. Let your friends know what jewels we have deep in our earth (and EFL Classroom 2.0 is deep, is a diamond mine). All our members are on Facebook, or almost all – so let’s use this wave to generate some momentum.

I hope all members will comment with the new Facebook system and help share our gems. Check it out on our new Extra English page. Expect more of this kind of integration with Facebook and Twitter in the future. Let’s ride the wave!

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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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