My Blog Year in Review: Part 1

2011 was a big year for myself as a blogger. I blog for several organizations in addition to this blog (both this public one and the one on EFL Classroom 2.0). So I’m always shocked by my output – over 270 posts on this blog alone in 2011. However, even more suprised by the joy and pleasure I have making a blog post. I don’t count, or do it as a duty. I enjoy sharing, I enjoy the thought I suck upon like a gum drop, when I make a blog post. [but I am totally surprised by how many people do visit – thank YOU for visiting. I’ve had many days this year of over 1,000 unique visitors (readers)]

2011 for me was a time of big change and a lot of turmoil. I shared a lot of personal stuff on my blog. That was my goal and I think for the most part it was achieved. You can read an interview with myself. I wrote about the death of my coach and teacher. I launched my open source coursebook – Teach | Learn. I published a book of selected writings about teaching and education. I wrote about being a curator of content. I wrote about a new job and challenge at a new university. I wrote about my failures and triumphs with technology over the years. I wrote about “Keeping Up” and my new treadmill desk. I wrote about my own “Egyptian Moment” while teaching in the Ukraine. I wrote about how EFL teaching has changed since I first started 20 years + ago and what I know now but didn’t then. I wrote about teaching during a disaster.

Amid the hundreds of blog posts this year, stand a number I believe didn’t get the attention they deserve and others which did but deserve even more attention!

This post, I’ll detail my top posts I think need more readers and “light of day”. Next up will be the Top 10 that would welcome even more eyes of readers. To end the year, I’ll list my best Practical and best Language oriented posts. – See here a mid year review of Simply The Best posts.

Top posts 2011 (that need more readers)

Jan: It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Feb: How to discern a fit and fun classroom.

March: The other side of being a teacher. Making school so it doesn’t stink anymore.

April: Nothing breeds success like success. We keep what we give.

May: Myths and Maddness on both sides. My favorite graduation speech.

June: Memory and Language

July: Cursing and Swearing. The future of the tech book. . Assembly Line Education

Aug: The new way forward.

Sept: Extensive Watching. The 4 Freedoms

Oct: Dancing to the pied “textbook” piper. Philosophy of education at the movies. Disrupting ELT

Nov.: Minimally Invasive Teaching. The #1 factor effecting student success.

Dec: Yes sir, No sir, sorry sir.

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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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