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This blog post is a follow up on my recent post “Disrupting ELT: ebooks“.  I’m really keen on the new possibilities web 2.0 and technologies have for “the little guy”, us practicing teachers.

We can now share and produce our own materials quite easily. This community is a testament to that. We don’t have to go through the publisher’s bottleneck. However, one big ;problem remains – MARKETING.

The big companies have BIG money to spend on advertising. They have a web of ties that money has bound and weaved for them. Everyone is hooked into their marketing web and system. These connections will be hard to work against. The bookstores are addicted to their cash, the salespeople want to keep their own income etc…. etc….

One thing I’ve been waiting for is the power to sell on Facebook. Yes, they have a marketplace but it isn’t well done, it is for local exposure and doesn’t really work for ELT services, lessons, materials. But now we have to wait no longer. View our Market Page on the EFL Classroom 2.0 Facebook page.

It is beta but works perfectly. YOU can sell and market your lessons, your online teaching self, your materials/books through the huge exposure and virality that Facebook offers. Just click START SELLING and you are set.

Help us build this store. Like it, share it, spread the news. The more teachers selling here, the more we can transform the power of one!

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