January 2015 Mid Month Updates

It’s that time of the month – time for a few basic updates about our community.

I’ll be using these updates to provide members with information about some of the many fantastic resources available on the community.

1.  New Resources!

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* The World Is Awesome video listening and song rewrite.

Why do we gossip + activity.

* Commercial rewrite and classic dialog.

Eponyms: I’m A Noun

– View some of the latest resources.

2.  Our Top 20 Resources. 

A nice list of what might be considered our top 20 resources available to teachers. A handy list to the most valuable things on the community.  Go here >>>>

3. Top National Geographic “like” content.

We have some incredible video content and lesson material using National Geographic and other “like” commercials. Like “The World Is Awesome” lesson material listed above. Here are a few of these fab. resources.

*  Live Curiously   |    *  7 Billion: Are You Typical?    |   * Man vs Nature   |  * Did you know …?

4.  Our Basic TEFL Certificate Course now free for all members. 

It now is available to all EFL 2.0 members.  However, those who are paid supporters will also get a certificate and letter of reference when they complete the course. Take the certificate course, get loads of resources and now even more!     Read more >>>>

Of course, view our Weekly Magazine  or join the discussion in our very busy LinkedIn Community


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