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resource_library_logoI enjoy creating games that make life easier for teachers to teach English and which students enjoy playing and learning.  I’ve created some nice ones over the years – BAAM! / Top 5 / Transl8it to name just a few of these.  All available for members of EFL Classroom 2.0 in our resources section.

Name 3 is one I really like for the following reasons:

1. Adaptable. Teachers get the template and can easily use to put in their own content. Teachers know their students best!  Also, can change the rules of the game to suit your preferences.

2. Promotes thinking skills. Not only do students give one answer but they can add more info. and they are forced to really think further, deeper.

3. It’s simple.  No tech. Just print and get students playing with the handout. Easy Peasy.

I’ve made a new one for practicing the names of countries. Teachers can ask students to go further and students must name the country and then more things about the country (points for each thing/city/feature etc…)


This is Russia.  The Volga is a river in Russia. Moscow is the capital city. Putin is the President. Russians produce vodka.  = 4 points.   Download the Name 3 Country game + key


Also goes well with our games/ppts for Flags of the world.   Members of EFL Classroom 2.0 can get all of the other Name 3 games here.


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