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dictionaryofobscuresorrows--0001--teaser--large.thumbThere is a lot of great video content out there for teaching. I try my best to stay on top of it all, despite the 1,000s of hours of video uploaded to the internet each minute.  Video is the future.

Today, feeling a little introspective, I went to my private bookmarks of video content/channels/sites that I use to find video content. Visited one that really hit me, WOW!  The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.  Well edited,  all based around an obscure word. Admittedly for higher level language learners, they really sparkle.

Visit Joe Koening’s own site with all the videos.  Reminds me of my own book – The Idiot’s Dictionary but his is video and much more poetic.

Transcripts for each video are provided. So, it’s easy to make a worksheet or just use the transcript anyway you wish. I used the Martineau Cloze Generator to make a listening sheet for this video in the channel. Download the worksheet  What’s your fav. among his videos? Mine is Sonder.

Enjoy and if you find great video content, please let me know. Me and the content team at EnglishCentral are always looking for quality video to help English language learners.

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