August Mid Month Community Update

mmupdateIt’s back to school time and we have lots of new and old resources to help you get back at it.

Here are a few updates and news on the community.

1. Magazines

We have a new resources magazine and a professional development magazine for teachers. Browse to see what’s new on the community and to stay informed of all the latest high interest articles in our profession. Click the “Flip this mag into your inbox” button in the magazine to subscribe and get automatic notifications of new posts.

2. Gif Lingua: Coming Soon

I’ll be launching this new site in October.  Teachers will be able to create beautiful gif presentations  from our library of hundreds of thousands of language gif images. Sign up for early access and lifetime teacher benefits (assign courses to students, reports etc …. ).  I can’t wait to introduce the world to this exciting new concept. I’ll be writing more about it in the coming weeks.  For the gif related resources on EFL Classroom, use our tag search for a sampling.

3. EnglishCentral gets even better!

As the Director of Education at EnglishCentral, I’ve worked hard on behalf of our millions of students and thousands of teachers to create a great place to learn language in a contextual, immersive, extensive watching/listening fashion. No silly vocabulary memorization or grammar translation. Learn with real language and the best technology available.

Over the summer EC has got even better!   

* Level tests. All student can now get a level test with a teacher. They can schedule a test from any video detail page.  They receive a comprehensive report and teachers will have access to this in their reports.

* Reports have been dramatically improved. So too, the teacher tools, LMS.

* Mobile apps now have many new and improved features!  Download the apps here. 

Read about the changes in detail on the EC blog.  Also, take advantage of the Sept. school start to trial EnglishCentral with up to 50 students.  Contact us  and we’ll get you up and started in a jiffy.

4. Teaching Recipes.   Do you know we have one of the webs top visited sites with teaching ideas? No registration, just visit and get inspired with ideas. Let your colleagues know, it’s a handy little site I’m proud of building and maintaining.

Happy teaching to you all,



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Teacher trainer, technology specialist, educational thinker...creator of EFL Classroom 2.0, a social networking site for thousands of EFL / ESL teachers and students around the world.

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