Video “snack” lessons

I’m a big proponent of short intensive language lessons based on videos.  So many great reasons to use video in this form instead of long versions/viewing.

EnglishCentral does this well and teachers can get a downloadable transcript/lesson plan for each video – click “Video Details” on any video page.

Find here in this category short intensive lessons that your students and you can use as “snacks”.

Here is a first one about Bob Dylan and Watson.   Download the lesson handout  Get more on EFL Classroom 2.0 just like this one. I’ll be posting many for members. Members can also download the videos for in-class use when content permits.

The lesson delivery is simple for all these. 

1. Watch the short clip.  Maybe prior, ask a few background questions.  (ex. Does anyone know who Watson is?  Who is Bob Dylan? )

2.  Hand out the worksheet.  Students fold so they can’t see the transcript at the bottom. They have a few minutes to answer the questions.

3. Watch again and take up. Pausing the video as necessary. Students check their answers.

4. Practice.  Students in pairs practice the transcript/dialogue.  Maybe even rewriting it by changing some answers to make their own interview. Present to the class.

The ultimate would be to get students to make their own video snack lesson, using this lesson as a template!

Want more video based lessons?   See this huge directory for members.

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