EFL Classroom Oct. Updates

airtrafficHi EFL Classroom 2.0 members,

Here is a quick list of updates, new things on the community so far this month!  Hope all goes well in your own classroom and you find resources here that will help you out. View our updated magazine for all the latest resources.

1.  Gif Lingua.  Open for business. Check out the books. Register to get full functionality, download books as PPTs, make books, collect favorites and more ….  Check out this post about the types of books available – hundreds so far. Lots more planned and forthcoming. Please share the books (last page) and get the news out about this helpful resource.

2. Halloween. Check out our extensive resources HERE.  Also see this Gif Lingua book!

3. Video Snacks.  Short, sweet lessons based on videos.  Compliments our hundreds of complete video lessons listed here.

4. Music lyric listening lessons.  We have maybe thousands!  Here are a few of the most recent.

5. New Videos.  Try this video snack lesson based on a Polaroid commercial.

6. Free Level Tests.  I’ve helped build this resource and now we offer a free level test to all students. Teachers get the Level Test results for each student in the LMS reports section. This makes EnglishCentral even better!  Read more here.

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