Where’s Travolta?

wheres travoltaI’ve been busy building Gif Lingua on my weekends and evenings with a strong team of developers and content editors. Slow but sure.

Over the next month, we’ll complete the first 4,000 words of English in Gif book form. See the first dozen books here.   Also, you’ll be able to embed books just like this below, and will be responsive for any screen (as is Gif Lingua).  The big news is that each book will have a Quizlet study set. Just select “Study This Book” to open the quiz set and study, test and play to learn the language of the book!  Lastly,  in January I’ll be launching a school / class project.  For 20 lucky schools, I’ll offer a login id and password that every student in the school can use.  The school/class that reads the most books during the month will win chromebooks from Gif Lingua.  A Gif Lingua Readathon! Teachers, register to download all books as PPTs and get additional functions.

But here I wanted to show some wonderful new books that students and teachers can use. They are based on the wildly popular meme – “Where’s Travolta?”.  

1. Show students the books and get them to respond (turn off the sound and text answers using the menu top right). 2. Next, students can read and study the books on their own. Lots of fun!

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3

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